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Well, I have a announcement.

I switched to a NEW BLOG!

Link: http://simplelassie.blogspot.com! :)

I am no longer using this blog anymore,

But i am still considering whether want to keep this blog or not?

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 不管你是否相信 這就是你所付出的努力

你不是真的笨 而是你把自己裝成笨

機會在眼前 你不卻不把握當前

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Today I Have an Outing with My Friends

We went to Sunway Pyramid...

Our main task was playing Bowling


Quite few months I didn’t play bowling already, Excited! Haha!

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星期三  和朋友一起去吃火鍋

我們六位女生  可以說是第一次組合一起出來吃!


這家店在我家附近罷了 或許是新開的店鋪


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Yesterday went to GENTING with my group5 classmates.

This was our first time organize the group 5 gathering trip! It’s awesome!

Quite a few years distance I didn’t go to Genting, so excited until I can’t wait to go before the day coming.

I will post out my Genting trip after I collected those photos...^^


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10 October, 2009.

It’s a special day t o me.

My lovely sister  Beatrice, 4 years old birthdae. Regret that I cannot celebrate her birthdae.

DSC01091.JPG Bb in May, 2009.

Early in the morning, my eldest sister, Vanessa, keep sms me.

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而我呢? 或許是陰晴不定。有時候,我真的覺得很開心很知足;但也有時候,我的心情很煩躁,對這種生活很乏味。我的每一天,漸漸沒有了分別。日復一日,我還是一位樣樣都缺的人。是否我不夠知足,還是渴望得多。




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Bringing Pigskin to Land of Ping-Pong

NFL Looks to Reach Chinese Market with Reality Show

By Les Carpenter 

Washington Post Staff Writer
Sunday, September 13, 2009

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 Two More Subjects I have to go through, which is principal of investment (PI) and management people organization (MPO). Lol! Almost no idea about investment stuff! Just now Yeng Sing came to my house for revision and discussion about the PI..Hmmm what had I learnt before from Mz.Haznah? did I learn anything from her? The answer will be definitely---Nope! What she taught us in the lecture or tutorial…I don’t understand at all…

First thing, she likes to take something erratic example! Urghhh---What girlfriend and boyfriend which can be used by her to explain in the investment studies. Besides that, she likes to make sound effect! Sizzle here..vromm here..ping pong piang..boom boom pow! Her teaching style very weirdy! Yish…when I check back, not even one of my tutorial answer is complete! Most of my tutorials are in blank. Ai…don’t know how to study this subject!

Today, I am only randomly looked through 6 chapters. Most of the time, I need to search Google for helping me to understand further of a specific term. Really quite a lot have to read and understand. Furthermore, i have to memorize those definition, characteristics, disadvantages or advantages and so on! It is not easy to me because my head is pain! Every day, I sleep at 4am and wake up at 12pm, gosh! I becoming a night owl this few days because of examination. Of course I am not study for all the time, sometimes online and playing facebook! Addicted! Besides, I am also addict on watching Hong Kong drama series---D.I.E again. The baby is so cute! This movie is talks about investigation cases of the D.I.E which named by detective investigation extension! Not only mysterious, but also comedy!


I am know now is tension period for examination…but sometimes, human being also need some rests! It’s important for my brain to take a breath! If not, I think I will turn crazy! Study! I really hate it! But, it is a MUST for me to study! I even think that the Banking&Finance course is what I want? What I interested?! I love travel! I think I should choose tourism lar…yish! I dislike banking but I like business studies, I though banking will be an easy job for my future. But oppositely, banking is a pity job. Need to work overtime without paying. Stress! Complicated and suffer if working in the loan and recovery department. Credit card department? I don’t like to be a salesperson…I hate sales and commission..even though can earn extra income and increase work motivation? For me, no! no! no! so what position can I take? Banker in the customer line? What I learnt…customers do not need a banker! Haha!

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無所事事 想給我的部落有個小小改變

于是就換了些顏色以及圖片 比較新鮮一點嗎 呵呵

今天的考試恐怕有些不順利 真的讓人擔心

有五十百仙的幾率 及格又或者不及格

都只差在一線之間 希望老天保佑

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  • Sep 10 Thu 2009 11:53
  • 愛家

又是好累好累的一刻 剛才考歷史

一個小時就回答好了 所以提早離開考場

我的頭很痛 身體很累很酸痛

原因 = 因為我昨晚又熬夜到4點早上

隔一天7點半醒 所以缺少睡眠以及休息

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最近我都在考試 已經考過了兩科

還有其他四科在手上掙扎 啊


第一科 = 是考會計 Financial Accounting

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所以人還是會成長的 離開母親的懷抱 投向弱肉強食的社會

在這個社會里 我相信朋友是最不可缺的

再來此地求學時 我的親戚朋友會提醒我交朋友要當心


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現在我是就讀銀行金融系的。但是那并不代表是我的興趣。當初我只是順我家人的意見,覺得讀書后出來比較容易找工作。本來有想到讀數量估計科系,但是前前后后因為很多原因所以就沒有選它。但是,這些都不是我的志愿。我最想當一名飛機師………非常帥氣的工作。但是由于眼睛近視很嚴重,再加上這個科系的學費相當“重本”,所以就放棄了心中內心深處的夢想。我很喜歡四處趴趴走,當飛機師不但可以去不同的國家,同時你也是正在帶大家向往不同的地方。可以說是很偉大的工作,畢竟你手上握住了旅客的性命。但是還是很遺憾的….我的志愿是無法達成的……… ^^


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今天一早9點就趕著去學校上課了 聽好喔~~“趕”著去上課


原因昨晚很遲睡 所以今早8am才爬起來 因此8.35am才出門

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前几天去图书馆借书 无意间看到一本青色封面的书

书名-------青涩时光 我就翻来看看


还真的不错 是一本青少年心理案列书本

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好累啊 最近真的好累 好想一直睡覺下去

因為睡不好 皮膚也漸漸地不好 眼睛腫腫


我不是鐵人 身體也會疲累 精神也會崩潰

何時何年何月何日 我才可以擺脫這種生活

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又是一個星期五的到來 很快的周末也到了

的確是很開心呢 又可以松松骨頭休息下下了

生活本來就應該輕輕松松地 ^__^

星期五 就是昨天 我和朋友們去了【康城】慶祝生日

又多一個巨蟹座寶寶喔 將來我朋友會是個好爸爸?! 哈哈

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