Today I Have an Outing with My Friends

We went to Sunway Pyramid...

Our main task was playing Bowling


Quite few months I didn’t play bowling already, Excited! Haha!


I am quite lousy because I did very poor seem that the highest score only 91

Anyway, just for fun! At least I do enjoy in the games =^^=

Then, we went to shop…Haha! Just window shopping…

I broke my shoes, but! I am still consider want to buy it or not.

Gosh! Is complicated! I am Run of Money!

What kind a shoes shall I buy?! No idea about it.

Money! I want money fall in front of me…$$$$$!!

 After that, we went to eat steamboat again!



I can’t remember the name of the shop T-T


This time is more expensive and cannot full my stomach = Rm102, i think so.

Haha actually not that really delicious, ordinary only…


And I think next time I wouldn’t go to eat again, haha!

After  that meal, already 8.30pm, we decided to go home.

I bought a gift to my friend, hope she likes it.

Winnie the pooh slipper! She likes pooh a lot, while I like Tigger. (smile)


 Today I found out a thing that------western babe is too Cute!

It is pity that I didn’t catch her into my camera when in the bowling center…



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