Alright, I had done with my FOM paper. Finally, but still have to sit another paper: Microeconomic. Regret! Why I failed my ME subject in the first semester, this subject wouldn’t be that tough to me, because I am weaker in Accounting rather than Economic. Yea! That’s why I am quiet angry about this matter. What’s happen to me? ==

Rest for a day, will be sit the ME paper. But now, I m feel so tiring, hope to be rest more time. What to do? Still have to achieve it. So far, FOM paper for me is quite okay, I am truly knows the answer but don’t know how to explain it. Yish! So I tried to use by my own language, my own statement. Don’t know can get across or not. Hope that the marker can approve what I had written down. For me, the calculation part in the FF paper is quite okay compare to the theory part. The first section already killed my marks…I think I probably lost 10 marks. Kinda disappointment with my brain, is it lost function? I think my brain can’t work in memorizing part already. Haha! =p

Mostly all my friends back to their hometown after FOM paper, only left those who need to be resit, including me. I am not going back immediately after ME paper, will left for 2 days. I think, on 6th May, I will be going back to Kuching. “My Lovely Hometown, I will come back sooner!” My family and those machie please wait for my return and must treat me enrich meal! Haha! Really miss you all a lot. Hope that I will have an enjoyable and memorable two weeks holiday! But still have to control my spending, if not, I will face bankrupt in this month. Cannot! I need to spend a lot of things for this month, better save and control myself!  ^-^

Now, I am just hope that can pass my next paper successfully. I have to get ready my revision and work hard as well. I am surely can do better that previous, if not, still have to resit! Wao, I am promise and swear to myself that:  “I am not going to fail any subjects anymore”. No matter how difficult is it, everyone can pass; I am also can pass. As long as I am abstain from the lazy bone!

Keep going on my revision, Gambateh! XD

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