10 October, 2009.

It’s a special day t o me.

My lovely sister  Beatrice, 4 years old birthdae. Regret that I cannot celebrate her birthdae.

DSC01091.JPG Bb in May, 2009.

Early in the morning, my eldest sister, Vanessa, keep sms me.

1st msg: Do you know today is a special day?

Hmm..I ignore her msg. Put aside my hand phone, continue my sweet dream.

2nd msg: Today is Beatrice birthday!

DSC01423.JPG  I am Ugly! Haha she is so acting!

Lol! Urghh! I know that! I am still remember. 10.10.2009! how can I forget about her birthday?! Impossible~~please could u stop disturbing my rest? Still ignore her.

3rd…this time not a msg, but a phone call from my mum.

Mum: What are you doing?

Me (Alicia): Still sleeping…(urghhh)

M: How come you still on the bed?

A: Ya. I tired. Last night sleep at 3am.

M: Why everyday go to bed that late?

A: Okay. Yesterday I worked part time so…I back at home already 1am.

M: Hmmm..okay. Do you know today is Beatrice birthday?

A: Lol! Of course! Vanessa keeps disturbing me this morning. Ask that naughty girl talk to me.

Bb: Girl Girl Jie Jie! (What she named me)

Dudu.jpg She cuts her hair so short!

A: Happy birthday to you… (I am sing to her)

At the beginning, she still sings together with me. But, after two sentences, she disturbs me…

Bb: Gotta get that! Gotta get that that that, that that! Boom Boom Boom!


Thi s is what she sang to me. (Lol)

A: How are you bb? Did you eat cake today?

Bb: Z for Zebra, G for Girl…

Okay. Fine. She keeps kepo a lots with me. She really a talkactive babe! x)

DSC07670.JPG She acts cute in 2 years old, i think.

Anyway, this is the first year I didn’t celebrate with her. Even a present also didn’t give to her. I am still truly hope she can always stay healthy and cutie! Grow bigger and smarter! I will miss her always~~

Happie birthdae, Bb! ♥ Muacks!

DSC00063.jpg  She likes to swim!

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