Announcement! Haha! I will go back to Kuching at tonight. So, within these two weeks I will away from my blog a while, sorry to all. But I think no one will care about it =p

                My heart feels like going up and down now. I am happy because of going back soon, I am a bit unhappy because need to left my bf in 2 weeks. Yish! Already be accustomed to be with him in my life. But I think I am sure will have an enjoyable holiday. I miss my friends and family, and I hope to see my youngest sister, she is so cute! Miss her lots! Don’t know how she looks like…

                Last but not least, to all tarcian, wish u all have a sweet and relaxable holiday. Go to have a rest and well prepared for the coming semester and coming result! Haha! Damn nervous about my result! Ai!

Early wish for all mamas in this world, Happy Mother’s Day! XD



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